Date: 29th August 2013 at 12:56pm
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It is being reported that Barnsley have accepted a bid for defender Scott Golbourne from Wolves and that Golbourne is currently holding talks about joining the League One side.

Personally I am happy for Golbourne to be sold to Wolves if the offer is decent. I believe that Noble-Lazarus will prove to be a far better wing back and if we play 4-4-2 that Kennedy is just as good as Golbourne at left back.

However if the move does go through it says a lot about the player and the club. Golbourne said in the summer that he would have considered his options if Barnsley had been relegated, indicating that it was Championship football that he wanted.

If he agrees to a move to Wolves then Championship football was never an issue and like many players it is all about the money.

I am not sure of the amount on offer but if Golbourne is sold then the club are again showing they will sell anyone should any half decent offer come in.

I would sell him but Flicker clearly rates him and he is a starting certainty in every game so there is no way that the manger will want him sold.

It`s different to the John Stones situation as well. Not only was that a substantial amount but he was also moving to the Premier League.

Here a player who the manager does not want selling is possibly being sold to League One club for probably a few hundred thousand.

Whether I think he`s a League One player or not is irrelevant and if the move goes through it shows that nothing has really changed at Barnsley despite the off field appointments. It is still the case of sell who we can for what we can, don`t back the manager and expect miracles again.

On the plus side if he`s sold we may have money to strengthen elsewhere and I believe we could end up with a better team with him out of the team.

Having said all that if Scott Golbourne does go I wish him all the best for the future and thank him for his contribution to the cause especially in the early part of Flitcroft`s reign.