Date: 21st May 2013 at 1:17pm
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Listening to David Flitcroft speak at the Barnsley press conference gave me confidence and belief for the coming season.

I believe anything is possible when I hear him speak but I am level headed enough to know it will take miracles to compete towards the top but miracles can happen as was proven last season.

Flitcroft clearly has a vision for the club and is keen to implement new policies. He wouldn`t be drawn in to speculation that Wolves had made an approach for him but it was clear he had never even considered going anywhere else and only wanted to sit down and speak to Barnsley.

He has started something at this club and he wants to see the job through.

A one year rolling contract is something I don`t really understand. I would have just given him a long term deal after what he has achieved but we don`t know every aspect of the deal.

Flitcroft spoke of a new era for the club and how the club needed to be managed differently. He has ideas of different ways to attract the fans back to Oakwell. I agree with what he says and I will be intrigued to see these ideas come to fruition.

When speaking of players leaving the club he has nothing but praise for the job they have done for the team. Of Marlon Harewood, Flicker said he deserved to be number one striker and Barnsley couldn`t offer him that so it was only fair to let him go. This also suggests to me that Flicker thinks that the O`Grady transfer is a done deal and I hope the board haven`t led him down the garden path on that one.

Don Rowing spoke of Barnsley being more ambitious and aiming for the top six yet we will have to do this on the same budget and the ultimate goal being Championship survival yet again.

So what he is really saying is nothing has changed but we are now more ambitious because we believe we have a man at the helm who could achieve this with these limited resources.

Well if anyone can then Flitcroft can. I just wonder what he could achieve with just a little bit of financial backing.

Flicker said that Barnsley need to overachieve next season to compete in the Championship. I agree that we do and I believe anything is possible with this man and this group of players.

The transfer market will be very important and so will the fans getting behind the team and maintaining realistic expectations with anything else being a bonus.