Date: 19th February 2018 at 1:47pm
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New head coach Jose Morais has said he’s joined the club after buying into the ‘potential’ Barnsley have for real and sustained growth in the future.

Following Paul Heckingbottom’s hasty departure after signing his new deal, Morais comes in as his replacement and he’s already working hard behind the scenes to get his message adn philosophy over to the players as we head towards the end of the season and seek quick improvements.

Speaking to the Official Site this weekend, the former Champions League winner is only focused on survival this year, but he expects things to be different next season.

‘I would say that Barnsley is a Club with tradition. A Club with ambition and is a Club with a crowd that have enthusiasm. If I can say something really deep, I am from the north of Portugal and I have a similar feeling now about a Town that wants to grow, that wants to make an impact and wants to reveal something to the world. This is the feeling that I have of Barnsley Football Club. I think and I see a Club with potential to grow, a Club with potential to make an impact in their region with people that are proud to be from here. The people here have ambition, are proud of the Town and who they really are. This feeling has brought me here, it`s touching to see this.’

With Morais counting Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Chelsea as just three of his former clubs in coaching, he went on to say that he’s already seeing how tight knit the remaining backroom staff are and how people across the club pull in the same direction and that has been a positive for him.

‘I think the difference is that you can see in all the clubs are not only the name of the club or the kind of competition that the club are participating in, but also the family you can find inside the building. I was lucky to be in important clubs, big clubs, but what I saw in all of the clubs were human resources and people. Here it`s not people, it`s names and colleagues.’

He added.

‘In terms of what people are and what they are feeling about their own Club, what they want and what they want to achieve. We always as human beings want to achieve something higher and something better and this is what you find in all the big clubs, but the big clubs aren`t always with the thinking of the people from the place, but I find this here and I believe that this can be as big as the others are in terms of living human beings.’

Having experience of the English game from his time at Chelsea, whilst the Championship is largely new to him compared to Premier League experience, he already knows about the physical and competitive elements to our game.

‘I know it`s a competitive league. I know how English football works. We played several times against lower league teams whilst at Chelsea and I could see their fight and desire. I know all about the ambition of all the clubs in the championship and I know all about the interest across the world in the Championship, this especially has been raised in recent years. It became more and more competitive, with probably 10 clubs that have the possibility of making the top six to join the play-offs for the promotion to the Premier League. This makes it a challenging league, with some quality young players, it`s a league where you can have quality and promote it.’

Having now had a few days with the players, he went on to say.

‘I think the players have quality and I think we have the will, so what I want to create is a belief. This belief is not just amongst the players, but everyone! We are competing so what we want is not always what we will get, but what we want we will get on the 6th of May! Now we are on the way to create what we want to achieve and what we want is to stay in the Championship, that is the goal. I want to see us doing the right things in order for everyone to be happy at the end of the season to stay in this league and that`s the only vision I have, that`s my belief and I`m sure everyone else will have this vision as well. That`s the one that will help us push the team.’

Tuesday evening’s match against Burton Albion will be his first time in the dug out and he’s relishing the opportunity to start on a high and give everyone a lift.

‘I want to give a message to the fans. Believe. If you know what it takes to believe, give us your belief and with this we will achieve what we want. The Championship is what we want and is our place, we will get it. Believe.’