Date: 11th September 2015 at 4:25pm
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Much has been made of the recent poor form Barnsley have been on. There’s no denying it’s not exactly been great has it!

What is behind this though?

We’ve had this sent through to us from L.Hallh (no other name was given so I go with this!) who said this in an email that landed in my inbox….

Form is poor due to the formation Johnson is asking the team to play.

To play Lewin at left back/wingback is making the formation lopsided.

Lewin is a centre-back not a full back, our attacks down the left flank peter out which puts pressure on Crowley to over play resulting in loosing the ball and the breakdown of our attack.

Is this something you would agree with?

The only way to let us know is by sharing your views below in support and/or disagreement with what’s been said.

However, what’s always important to remember is L.Hallh has actually had the conviction to put forward some views and ideas, which we always welcome, so whatever your views please remember to respect those of others too when sharing them!


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