Date: 10th June 2014 at 11:37am
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Barnsley chief executive Ben Mansford has revealed that Stephen Dawson has turned down the new contract offered to him to remain at Oakwell.

Mansford also revealed that no improved deal would be offered to Dawson and it is highly likely that Dawson will playing elsewhere next season.

This news has been greeted with mixed reactions from reds fans but I believe it is a blow for manager Danny Wilson and his rebuilding plans for next season.

Dawson isn`t the most gifted footballer we have ever seen grace the sacred turf of Oakwell. But he gives his all for the team and is the type of box to box, tough tackling, full of energy midfield player that every team needs, particularly at the standard of football that Barnsley no find themselves in.

Despite a dodgy spell mid-season, he was certainly one of our a better performers last season. Ok, you could argue that such a feet wasn`t difficult to achieve and I would have no argument with that but he would certainly be a top performer at League One level for role he does.

Many Barnsley fans disagree and are glad to see the back of him. To those fans I would say be careful what you wish for and go back to the fact that we would have had a greater chance of staying up last season if we had retained the likes of Perkins, Dagnall and Wiseman instead of bringing in the tripe we signed in January.

Barnsley Chronicle reporter Matthew Murray was particularly critical of Dawson on Twitter after Mansford revealed that Dawson had turned down the clubs offer live on BBC radio Sheffield.

Murray`s tweets attacked Dawson for turning down the offer from a club who stuck by him despite that fact he swore at his own fans and was arrested in the spot fixing scandal.

To that I respond by saying first of all that no charges were brought against Dawson so why wouldn`t the club continue to select him? Innocent until proven guilty is the society we live in Mr Murray.

The club did stick by him when he swore at his own fans at Huddersfield but in all honesty with the abuse he was receiving from his own fans then you can`t really blame him for his response. This moves me on to my next point of why on earth would he want to sign back up for a club when he receives such abuse from his own fans?

Murray also went on to tweet that he doesn`t believe Dawson is a top end League One player and that we can get better. Well the first part of that has already been disproved as Dawson`s excellent performances in League One earned him his move to Barnsley to begin with.

As for us being able to get better? That could be a possibility with Wilson`s contacts. However Dawson is tried and tested at League One level and at Barnsley. On paper the January signings looked better than what we had but proved not to be the case.

One thing I do hope to see is Paul Digby given the opportunity to impress in midfield this season. Wilson still needs to go out and sign a player in the Dawson/Perkins mould but I would like to see Digby become a regular starter.

As for Mr Murray, he is happy to sit firmly on the fence in his Chronicle articles but on Twitter he attacks any Barnsley player who the vocal minority of fans decide to take a dislike to. He has no opinion of his own and just follows the crowd.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and most of us differ, it is time for Mr Murray to get his own and stop a*** licking the keyboard warriors who like to abuse certain players.

I`d just like to sign this one off by wishing Stephen Dawson all the best in his future career. I don`t blame the lad for wanting to move on, how many of you would honestly want to stay at the club after what happened at Huddersfield?