Date: 31st July 2014 at 4:01pm
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Tom Kennedy has parted company with Barnsley by mutual consent.

The left back played 75 times for Barnsley. 40 of those appearances came last season despite being on the receiving end of some heavy criticism from large sections of the Oakwell crowd.

It was announced earlier in the summer that four big earners at the club would probably be moved on. O`Grady and Steele have now been followed by Kennedy; however it looks as though Martin Cranie could end up staying.

If Kennedy was going to be let go by mutual consent then I can`t understand why the reds just didn`t do it at the end of last season instead of waiting until now.

Barnsley boss Danny Wilson had the following to say about Kennedy:

“I`ve had a good talk with Tom,” Wilson said. “He understands the situation and I would think he will be moving on as soon as he can. Tom is a bit frustrated as well.

“It`s fair to say I don`t think some people have taken to him like one or two others have, I hope Tom doesn`t mind me saying that, but he knows that himself. I think maybe a fresh start is good for him.

“A lot of people have an opinion about Tom.

“Last season he had some very, very good games for me.

“I`m not going to sit and say he`s not this or the other.

“At times he played as well as anyone in the team last year. It just never seemed to be enough.

“When it gets to that stage I think it`s important to just look at it and say it`s beneficial to Tom and the club that we separate.

“Hopefully Tom can get sorted out and continue his career. Nothing has happened yet but the clarity is between us now. We know where we both stand.”

Kennedy himself tweeted: “Just like to wish all the players and staff at Barnsley all the best for the season.

“Enjoyed my time at the club, good and bad, and hope the club can get back to where it belongs, in the Championship asap! Thanks to the fans, positive and negative just part and parcel of the game!”

Without actually saying so, Wilson is basically saying that the fans have driven Kennedy out of the club in a similar situation to the one with Scott Wiseman.

I find it sad that a player that the manager wanted to select in his first eleven is moved on because the fans don`t like him. This however is how the modern game is.

A move away from Oakwell will certainly be a good thing for Tom Kennedy. He will find another club; either Blackpool, Rochdale or Bury would be where the smart money is, and wherever he ends up he will be able to enjoy his football more than he ever did at Barnsley as there is no way in the world their fans would take such a dislike to him.

Whilst I agree that a move away from Barnsley is for the good of Kennedy`s career I don`t see how it is in the best interests of everyone if Wilson liked him as a player and felt that he was good enough to be selected in the first eleven.

Kennedy may not have been the best left back we have ever had but he was a lot better than most Barnsley fans ever gave him credit for.

Was he of Championship standard? Maybe not but how many of our team actually was? Isn`t that why we have ended up in League One? I believe he would have been a good player for us in League One but maybe it is best that he has moved on and the club and the crowd can all be as one again.

As for Kennedy`s time at Barnsley, well it started off with a dream debut at right back as we put five past Birmingham at St Andrews.

From then on it was up and down and he found himself in and out of the team until Flitcroft took over.

Flicker played him on the left of three centre backs and then at left back when Golbourne was injured and at the end of the great escape season there wasn`t one fan in the entire ground that didn`t want Kennedy to be offered a new contract.

Last season didn`t exactly go to plan and I was with the majority of supporters questioning Kennedy`s performances prior to Christmas.

Wilson came in and in his first game away at Leeds he dropped Kennedy and played Nyatanga at left back. Nyatanga did ok that game but we saw later on that he is certainly a centre back and has never seen being a left back.

Kennedy returned to the team and for me from that point until the end of the season he was our most consistent player.

Sometimes a player just needs the kick up the a*** that they get from being dropped. I felt that it did the trick with Kennedy and he performed well there after with the only blip coming away at Sheffield Wednesday.

However it didn`t matter how well he played during that second half of the season as he had already been made the new target for the boo boys and nothing he could do would change that.

The thing I have noticed about our fans over the many years of watching Barnsley is that 1) once they decide someone is crap then they are crap no matter how they play after that. 2) Most Barnsley fans are sheep that follow the vocal minority and once they say a player is crap then they blindly agree and proceed to slag them off on every message board possible.

I do think Kennedy had a stinker at the beginning of the season but I also think he came good and was possibly our best player from when Wilson took over. That might not be saying much given our performances but three managers continued to pick him and only one of them was his ‘mate`. I would probably say that they know more than me and the rest of the Oakwell faithful when it comes to picking players.

I would like to wish Tom Kennedy all the best in his future career and would like to thank him for his efforts whilst at the club and the part he played in the great escape season.