Date: 7th April 2009 at 11:20am
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As Mike Dean recovers from the disgusting incident of receiving a blow to the head from a coin, maybe the Football Association should consider punishing the club rather than the individual.

Because, surely that would be more of a deterrent than banning individuals for life?

The majority of football supporters want to see their club succeed, so if the club were to be docked points, surely the fans wouldn`t be so sure of unleashing a forearm thrust towards the players and officials on the pitch?

There will always be a minority of supporters who will cause trouble, that`s a fact every club has to face.

So a threat of a points deduction would surely unite the fans to not causing bother at matches.


11 Replies to “Fans throwing missiles? Dock the club some points!”

  • Sorry mate but thats the most pathetic suggestion I’ve ever heard. Hey, maybe I’ll go down to Birmningham games, chuck some stuff and then Cardiff can grab the automatic promotion place. I’ve seen coins chucked at games all over the country, while no-one is condoning the action of the few – the club could do nothing more – the scum is banned for life, and CCFC have provided the police with huge co-operation to assist full criminal trial

  • That is a laughable suggestion. Especially since coins are thrown at every ground in the country. You really think he was a fan? How do you spot him on the way in? Not one CCFC fan has defended this idiot, your suggestion solves nothing except turn football into a farce.

  • what about the far more disgusting chanting at Dave Jones from Barnsley fans at the semi-final? Forgotten that? that makes it ok then. Jumping on the media bandwagon methinks – write about your own club

  • Ban the scumbags for life and if repeat offences happen at the same club then you could maybe look at punishing the club. As for your comment Bonesy – what a load of crap! You really think verbal chanting is worse than having your head split with a coin?! It could have blinded the poor guy had it hit him in the eye. Get real man!, and this isn’t about our club, the semi final or a personal attack on cardiff, its about some uneducated fool chucking coins at a ref.

  • Absolutely right, it is about one GUY (maybe several) and that is NOT the club’s fault – if the club have done everything in their power, there shouldn’t be heavy fines, points deductions or any of the other crap

  • ha ha it almost like cardiff fans are absolute angles. They and millwall are the worst fans in the football league – don’t forget it was only 2 weeks ago when we absolutely thrashed you 3-0 in your own back yard that you were chucking marbles at the blades fans. set of welsh w@nk3r5!! your going no where this season!!

  • what about this for taking sense matty old boy – i thinks you lot are going down for sure. suppose you will have a good sort of local derby against leeds next season in league 1. ha ha ha

  • everyone finishes where they deserve to finish. It’s going to be tight, but you’re probably right.

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