Date: 4th February 2013 at 7:48pm
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Names were banded about Redfearn, Hignett. Someone with some passion for our club.

See how much this battle means to the gaffer. View the youtube footage for yourself by clicking here.

I have seen how much he has instilled in the players, he and Mickey Mellon appear to be great man motivators. The footage is inspirational to all and if this is not enough to get bums on seats, then I dont know what the man needs to do…

Should we start a David Flitcroft fan club!!

Walking along, Singing a Song, Walking in a Flicker Wonderland


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  • great to see,why has it taken so long to adopt the wilson formation?
    look what happened the last time we played a variation on the wing was our most successfull period.i know you need the players capable of getting up and down the wings, but the manager has to take the plaudits for realising the system. keep it up lads!!!. keep playing this way and giving 110%, the fans will come back!!!

  • Cheers torrox, lets not compare though,. he game has changed in the 15 years since Wilson. Though I do lovehe formation, it has to fit the group of players.

    You new here torrox??

  • The formation has been a revelation for us and I know most fans weren’t happy with it in his first game in charge at Peterborough. I agree you can’t really compare eras but I’m surprised more teams don’t use it. It has given us the extra man in midfield that Hill sought using a variety of formations. Extra man at back when not in possession and stopped us leaking goals and still gives you the threat of two up front.

  • wish i could attend more often, but since we move, i only get over at xmas.but since we came back this time, the results have improved drastically.maybe iam the bad omen?
    i take on board what you say regarding the system, but over the years i dont think its that different. its about getting players into certain areas at the right time,and i think this system gives you better options. just my thoughts.

  • I think you could be right torrox and I do think more teams will use it in the near future as Flicker suggested. Any thoughts on the who am I article?

  • You’re all getting carried away with this run. It is just the honeymoon period. This bloke is nearly as clueless as Keef Hill was and he will get found out soon. The wheels will well and truly come off as soon as we have one defeat. This squad of players is the worst I have seen in my time watching Barnsley. The board are a joke. I don’t blame the fans for staying away. I for one am seriously considering not renewing my season ticket no matter what league we are in. And mark my words it will be league one.

  • Tony, you’ve cheered me right up with your enthusiastic post..!

    Now is not the time for doom and gloom…just enjoy it while this good run lasts, glass half full and all that, go on give it a go.

  • Tony I do see some valid points.
    The board are not the best, but when you look around, they are far from the worst.
    The players are giving 110%, Flicker and Mello care about our club.

    Back on the baoard front they may spend more on the squad if the stay away supporters like you returned!

  • You are probably right that I should enjoy the run but I’m a Barnsley and I know what is coming and it’s hard not to be glass half empty when you’ve watched Barnsley for all these years.

  • I feel too many Barnsley fans are glass half empty even during the good times but everyone is different and this is the place to get your opinion over.

  • I think we can all agree that we’re going to need something close to a miracle to stay up this season, but they do happen…so by at least getting behind the team now (whilst things are going well) and with a bit of luck, it can be achieved!

    We all know it’s never been easy being Barnsley fans, but anyone could pick a bigger club to follow (glory hunters), but that’s the easy option for many! At the moment the lads are fighting for each other, so that could be a big factor at the end of the season..?

  • a win on saturday would really put the cat amongst the pidgeons, i think there are already afew teams getting worried, ie huddersfield,wolves bolton,ipswich, even long as the lads are fighting and the fans are behind them, then i think we have a realistic chance. weve had our bad spell,(hopefully)some of the others are having theirs now.
    whats the chance of Stones back on loan come thurday ?that would give them another boost.

  • Being a Barnsley fan has never been easy but like you say it’s easy enough to go away and be a glory fan. The players are definitely fighting for it and at one point I would have agreed that it would have taken a miracle but now I think we have as much chance either way as about half a dozen clubs.
    With regards to Stones I know Everton were wanting to wait a few weeks for their injury crisis to get better before considering loaning him back to us, so it could be a possibility but I know the club see it has more of a remote possibility so aren’t banking on it.

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