Date: 2nd August 2013 at 3:30pm
Written by:

When David Flitcroft took over as Barnsley manager, many people including myself felt that he had no chance of keeping Barnsley in the Championship and he himself would follow Keith Hill out of Oakwell that very summer.

He somehow achieved the impossible. Not only keeping the club up but also transforming every aspect of it from top to bottom.

Flitcroft has certainly done his job, perhaps more than is required of just the manager of the team. He somehow managed to keep the best players at the club during the summer and persuaded the board it was time for a rethink with regards to the way the club is run.

Flitcroft could not have done anymore and the club have also done their job for the first time in a very, very long time. Those are words I never thought I`d say again.

They have backed Flicker, they have made changes at boardroom level, they have brought players in and most importantly of all as far as I am concerned are that they are now giving players contracts that last longer than one year. Don`t get me started on the previous regime of one year deals as I will never understand the twisted logic to it while ever there is a hole in my bum.

The club are also doing all of this under a tight budget and are not being held to ransom or breaking their wage structure which is of great credit to them.

I think the only area where we the fans could still be slightly critical is the price of the tickets but we are still up with the cheapest in the league so I suppose that is just something we have to accept and get on with despite the fact that times are hard for almost every single one of us, particularly when you live in Barnsley.

So with the club having finally pulled their finger out, the only people remaining to start doing their jobs is the fans.

Attendances have been dropping for various reasons for a while now and the atmosphere at times in the ground has been nothing short of pathetic.

The club previously did nothing to inspire us to hand over our hard earned cash and the team did nothing to encourage the crowd in to creating an atmosphere.

It is different now and every effort has been made by the club, manager and team and now is the time for the fans to give back to their team and support this exciting new project at the club.

If the way the team performed and battled to stay in this league, the sheer passion and enthusiasm of David Flitcroft, the way the club has got behind this effort, if all of that cannot bring the fans back then nothing ever will.

We need regular gates of over 10,000 again or all of the work and effort over the last six months will have been in vain and eventually the players and manager will leave and the club will only head in one direction.

No excuses now reds fans, let`s have all of the old fans back and let`s get behind the team. COYR.