Date: 29th November 2013 at 3:46pm
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Barnsley boss David Flitcroft believes that he still has the backing of the majority of the Oakwell faithful.

Flicker insists that 99.5% of the fans are still behind him and can see the improvement the club has made following a poor start to the season.

I am still behind Flitcroft and I have never wanted a manager to succeed at Barnsley more than I do with this man.

Unfortunately for the Barnsley boss the majority of the fans are no longer behind him. His 99.5% is way off the mark and it is more like 70/30 against at the moment.

I hope the team can win tomorrow and silence some of them and begin to climb the table.

Despite the fact that I fully back Flitcroft as Barnsley manager, I am under no delusions that football is a results based business and if we don`t win tomorrow then I think it could prove to be his last game in charge.

Despite his remarkable success last season I get the feeling that most fans hoped he would fail simply because he was Keith Hill`s assistant.

It seems at times that a lot of fans are happier when we are losing so that they can get on the managers back and have a go at any player who has played for Rochdale previously. I don`t understand the mentality of this but it seems to be a growing trend in modern day football.

I am pleased that Flitcroft still believes the fans are behind him as when his predecessor began to realise that they weren`t the pressure got to him and he was a visible wreck at time. This did rub off on the players and ultimately cost him his job.

I do think that Flitcroft is made of stronger stuff but once a manager realises that the fans are no longer with him then it can affect their decision making and confidence as we have seen at many clubs before.

Managers in modern football don`t have a long lifespan at a club, the Football League seeming to be worse than the Premier League for that. I hope Flitcroft can overcome this current run and be at Barnsley for a long time to come but realistically we will probably have a new manager in place in the near future. I don`t think the board will want a new man to come in and have the mammoth task that Flitcroft had last season.