Date: 5th December 2013 at 1:02pm
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At the end of last season David Flitcroft became a Barnsley legend with the miraculous escape.

Many fans were furious that he was only given a one year rolling contract and felt that his achievements warranted a long term deal.

At the beginning of this season there was optimism from the Oakwell faithful that we could enjoy a season of avoiding the inevitable relegation battle.

This optimism quickly disappeared and so did Flicker`s reputation in the eyes of most Barnsley fans.

He went from hero to zero in a matter of a few short months so what did go wrong for the former Barnsley boss?

Many would argue he made too many mistakes and ultimately it is a results based business.

I would argue that every manager makes mistakes and what can you really achieve when you are working with the bare bones? That argument is for another day and here we want to examine possible mistakes that led to his downfall in the eyes of the board.

First of all let`s look at the summer transfers. He allowed Marlon Harewood and Stephen Foster to leave when I believe both would have been good enough for another season even just as back up.

He let those two leave but kept the likes of Jimmy McNulty who was never going to get a game and quickly was let out on loan.

He also kept players who he certainly should have kept but chose not to play them such as Cywka and Steele.

The players he did recruit with the exception of O`Grady (who was here anyway) and McCourt were no better than what we already had and have all failed to make an impression.

The team in itself is no better than last season but the squad is enormous. Many suggest he should have recruited quality rather than quantity but you have to be able to afford the quality.

In my opinion he should have possibly brought in a few less bodies and gave more opportunities to the likes of Noble-Lazarus, Digby and Rose.

Whilst looking like great signings at the time, Nyatanga and Jennings have been epic failures, admittedly for different reasons. There is nothing you can really do about injuries but Jennings has looked a fish out of water at this level.

Whilst I credit Barnsley for giving a new deal to Sir Bobby, is there really any room for this in football anymore? Giving a contract to a player whose legs have gone and has no chance of first team football is beyond the loyalty that a club like Barnsley can afford.

Other things have contributed during the season. Mellis playing out of position on the wing, too many defensive midfield players in the starting line-up, negative substitutions such as Dawson on instead of Cywka when we are 1 – 0 down, and the lacking of the tempo, energy, passion and pressing that we showed last season.

The one thing that I think is a shame is the way the fans turned on such a great bloke towards the end. At least they didn`t bring it in to the stadium as a chant which is one good thing.

All of the above contributed to Flicker losing his job but they are aspects of the job and mistakes that every single manager makes all of the time.

Did Flicker deserve the boot or do we expect too much as Barnsley fans when we have no real right to given our finances and the quality of the playing squad?