Date: 5th March 2014 at 1:19pm
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Having had time to reflect on the events of Saturday I have to admit that I fear for the future of my beloved Barnsley. The dust has now settled regarding both the result and incidents following the match and I fear that this was a defining point in our season for all the wrong reasons.

How we react to this is important but I now wonder if just too much has gone off for the club to pull together and win this fight against relegation.

Let`s face it; performances have been poor all season no matter who has been in charge. As I look at what can only be described as a daunting fixture list I begin to wonder where our next points will come from.

A win for us on Saturday and results going our way would see us out of the bottom three. That shows how close it is. However it feels as though we are ten points adrift at the foot of the table with no hope of survival.

A 5 – 0 hammering when you are fighting for your lives is bad enough but everything that has followed just shows how low we have slumped as a football club, as players representing the football club and as fans supporting the football club.

Fans have every right to vent their frustrations at their team following such a display. After all the fans pay hard earned money and have the right to boo and make their feelings known after such a shambolic performance.

However some of the things that were said on Saturday by a minority of fans were unacceptable and as a human being I don`t blame Dawson and Shea for their reactions.

Having said that, as a professional footballer you have to be just that – professional and Dawson has rightfully apologised and I expect Shea to do the same on his return from International duty.

Players just can`t act like that it is that simple but why do fans feel that they can say anything they want to players and they should just take it?

I have spoken to many fans who were in the vicinity of the incidents and all have said what was said to Dawson was unacceptable and are fully behind Dawson for the way he reacted.

Having not heard the comments myself I would prefer not to go down the route of publishing them. I have no reason not to believe the fans that have told me this but the comments were as bad as it gets and I obviously haven`t heard the other side of the story.

What I have seen at Barnsley over a period of time now is that certain fans seem to want us to too badly as they seem to get great satisfaction from being able to slag off the team, players and managers.

Personal abuse towards players can only hurt the team in the long run. They are only human and there is no doubt that it can have a detrimental effect on their performance.

Dawson and Shea aren`t rated by many fans which is why they received abuse when they went over to the crowd, Dawson in particular apologetic for what the crowd had suffered.

The game was already lost when both were introduced from the substitute`s bench but both are players that a lot of fans would prefer not to pull on a red shirt again.

I must admit that I don`t know what Wilson sees in Brek Shea but I would never abuse the lad for the fact that I don`t rate him as a footballer.

As for Dawson, admittedly his form has been up and down this season but that it is not the real reason why he has become a bit of hated player amongst some fans.

It is because he was a Hillcroft signing from the lower leagues. The vocal minority have got on his back and the bandwagon with no opinion of their own have followed.

At times Dawson can have games when we wouldn`t look out of place in the lower leagues but other games he can be fantastic and one thing you can never criticise Dawson for is his effort and desire to win.

If in the likelihood that we do go down then Dawson would be just the type of player we need but unfortunately he will have probably been driven to leave the club in the summer.

Other players have come in for stick in recent weeks with Luke Steele receiving ironic cheers when catching the ball and Tom Kennedy being told he is s**t as he comes over to take a throw in in a game that we are winning.

Whether fans rate the players or not, this is certainly the wrong way to go about it and only serves to help us along the road to League One.

Rumours have also been on Twitter that Frimpong and Shea were out on Tuesday night in Leeds. So what? Can`t footballers have a social life? It was a Tuesday not a Thursday or Friday before a match and by all accounts Frimpong doesn`t even drink so it`s not like he was drunk.

In January we put all our eggs in to one basket. That was to stay up at all costs. Players were let go and Premier League loan players were brought in.

It looks to me as though this was a mistake and we should have been prepared for every eventuality. None of these players will be at Oakwell next season but I would trust the likes of Perkins, Wiseman and Dagnall to have us challenging towards the top of League One.

I don`t blame Wilson for this and I think our only hope of ever coming back if we do go down is to stick with him.

There is of course still hope that we will be a Championship club next season but it looks less likely with every performance.

I think we are down and out. I hope I`m wrong and will never give up hope but that is what I believe at this moment in time.

Does anyone genuinely believe that we can stay up?