Date: 16th February 2016 at 5:15pm
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John Stones, who continues to be linked with some of the best clubs in the world at home and abroad, was always a special talent as a youngster with Barnsley and that’s why he was sold to Everton for a reported £3m back in February 2013 as a 17-year-old after 20-odd matches for the Reds.

If this fee was indeed £3m remains unclear but one thing that certainly isn’t true according to the club are the claims made by David Moyes the Premier League side paid a mere fee of £1.25m for the England international.

Stones, who could leave Everton for £40m plus in the summer, has long-term been linked with Chelsea as well as Man City, Man United, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Whatever the Toffees did pay they’ve end up with a bargain but not a bargain to the tune of that so strongly claimed by Moyes.

He had told Sky Sports ‘he laughed’ when people said £3m had been paid for him and has been quoted by the Mirror as saying similar things but a statement on the Official Website has categorically denied his claims.

‘Barnsley FC has been asked by a significant number of fans to clarify the situation regarding the recent comments made by David Moyes on Sky Sports’ Goals on Sunday and attributed to him on the Mirror website on 14 February 2016 and elsewhere, regarding the fee paid by Everton for the transfer of John Stones from our Club.

‘Ordinarily, we would not comment on matters of speculation, but the article on the Mirror website carries the headline, “David Moyes reveals Everton paid just £1.25million to sign John Stones from Barnsley.”

‘The amount paid by Everton to Barnsley is Commercial in Confidence, and we would have expected that David Moyes would be bound by that obligation of confidentiality to his former employer.

‘However, given the categoric nature of the assertion made, it is incumbent on Barnsley FC to correct such a statement when it is markedly and unequivocally wrong and yet is made by someone that the public might think is authoritative on the subject.

‘This is particularly the case since he has cited the same erroneous fee on previous occasions also. David Moyes played no part in any negotiation with Barnsley FC concerning the transfer of John Stones, which may explain why he is mistaken as to the fee paid.’

I, like the club with the statement, wouldn’t ordinarily have quoted the whole thing but this is quite important to the story isn’t it, hence why I have.

As I’ve said how much it was and how close to £3m only the club know. You would have thought Moyes would but as Barnsley have pointed out as he wasn’t involved in the negotiations obviously he doesn’t so he’s ‘mistaken.’

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