Date: 27th March 2013 at 1:28pm
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Barnsley have announced that this year`s player of the year awards will take place on Monday 29th April at the Holiday Inn, Barnsley with a 7.30pm start.

With this in mind I thought now would be a good time to discuss the candidates for the award. Comments below please on who you think should get it and it will also be our next poll.

For me our two most important players have been Perkins and Dawson. Their energy, attitude, effort and commitment are spot on every game. They cover ever blade of grass and even when they have a bad game on the ball they are still up there with the better players on the pitch because of everything else they bring.

Perkins gets my vote just from Dawson. Both have been fantastic but Dawson did have a bit of bad spell earlier in the season which saw him dropped. Having said that I don`t think Perkins has been up to his usual high standard over the last few games but over the entire season I think he`s been our best player.

There are many other candidates for the award this season though and I will mention the ones I think will be up there.

Martin Cranie has been consistent pretty much all season and also had to cover in other positions. Off the top of my head I can only think of one bad game that he`s had at centre back and is one of the first names on the team sheet every week.

Chris Dagnall will be in with a shout. He has now added goals to his none stop effort and rarely has a bad game now despite his patchy start to the season.

Scott Goldbourne is being mentioned by many fans and the loss of him to injury has certainly upset the balance of the team. However I think that is swaying fans rather than how he has actually performed himself. Either way he is certain to be up there.

Luke Steele is always there or there about` s. Produces match winning saves time and time again. There have been a couple of errors but all keepers experience that in a season just look at Joe Hart. It just seems some fans prefer to focus on that rather than how many games he wins for us. He missed the early part of the season so that could count against him.

Honourable mentions have to go to Foster, Harewood, Wiseman and Mellis. All have played a large part throughout the season but have probably been too inconsistent to be considered.

I must mention Wiseman for doing well out of position despite the crowd against him. Also Foster for the early part of the season under Hill when he seemed to be our only defender before a slight dip in form. Harewood for the way he has played since he got match fit. As for Mellis, he is now developing the stomach for the fight and if he finds consistency he should be walking this award in the coming seasons.

My top five

How I think it will finish

If you need any help with your selection then here are a few stats for you.

Chris Dagnall is the leading scorer and Jacob Mellis has the most assists.

If the amount of appearances helps you decide then here`s how it looks for the season so far.

Cranie 35
Goldbourne 35
Dagnall 33
Wiseman 32
Harewood 32
Perkins 31
Foster 30
Dawson 29
Steele 28

A poll will follow for you to cast your votes and comments are also welcome below.