Date: 25th November 2013 at 4:36pm
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Several young Barnsley players have been told by the club that they need to find a club to go on loan to or face the prospect of having their contracts terminated.

You will have noticed quite a bit of loan activity over the last week or so with Brad Abbott joining Harrogate Town and McCauley Shillito joining Frickley. This follows Reuben Noble-Lazarus linking up with Scunthorpe prior to that.

The reds are looking to reduce the wage bill in the short term with the squad being so big and also feel that some of the younger players are becoming complacent and need to get out on loan for first team experience and motivation.

I`m not sure which players have been told that they will have their contracts terminated if they don`t go out on loan but you would assume Abbott and Shillito have been with their loans coming this week.

I would also assume that surely the likes of Digby, Noble-Lazarus and Rose have not had this said to them.

Digby has a long-term contract, particularly for Barnsley, and surely they would not want to let such talent go anyway?

I also think that Noble-Lazarus is genuinely out on loan so that he can get first team experience and I know Flitcroft sees Rose leading the Barnsley attack in a few years` time.

This entire concept seems very strange to me. I have it on good authority that it is true otherwise I would not have published it but to me it just doesn`t make sense at all.

I understand wanting to get youngsters out on loan for first team experience but why would you want to terminate their contracts if they didn`t find themselves a club?

For me if the club want to get these players out on loan then they should be speaking to clubs themselves rather than getting the players to do it.

With the size of the squad I do understand the need to get players out on loan to reduce the wage bill but for me the youngsters represent the future of the club and we should be looking to ship out some of the dead wood.

Our squad is too big with too many players of similar ability and too many of the same type of player. I think the club should look to get some of these players out in January and I`d like to see one or two of the youngsters in the match day squad.

To do this obviously the youngsters have to be good enough but the likes of Digby and Noble-Lazarus certainly have the potential and how else can they develop if they are not involved.

John Stones came in last season and look what happened to him. Ok the others will take a little longer to get to that level but he was thrown in by a manager who knew he would be good enough and wasn`t afraid to throw him.

Flitcroft did the same when he took over. He had no fear and used Rose and Noble-Lazarus a lot last season when he felt he had nothing to lose.

This season I think he is feeling the pressure and with that he doesn`t want to risk playing the younger players. You can`t really blame him for that in a way as he will do what he sees as the best way to get results and stay in a job.

I`d be interested to hear everyone`s thoughts on this as it seems a very strange policy as far as I am concerned.