Date: 14th December 2016 at 3:57pm
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So another defeat for the reds against our local rivals Sheffield Wednesday but the result isn`t the talking point in this one. However the referee is and he only has himself to blame.

Usually referees come in for unfair criticism following errors that could only be seen for sure using various different camera angles and slow motion replays. This one however deserves all the criticism thrown at him for what happened last night.

The decisions, although I don`t agree with them myself, would have been forgiven from my point of view if he hadn`t have thrust the red card in to Hutchinson`s face initially. From that point to everything that happened afterwards, he has let himself down badly.

From my point of view the challenge by Hutchinson is worthy of a red. His studs are showing, at the time of contact perhaps with one foot, but still they are showing. It was an almighty lunge and dangerous play in the modern game.

Hammill I feel should have been booked for his reaction in pushing Hutchinson. Some freeze frames may suggest that Hammill`s studs were also showing but Hammill wasn`t making a challenge he was running to get the ball and was stood up right where as Hutchinson was sliding in so there was bound to be some stud facing Hutchinson.

If the referee saw it as both players going in with studs showing then I have no problem with Hammill getting sent off as well even if I disagree with the decision.

What I cannot comprehend is what actually happened. The referee puts the red card in the face of Hutchinson yet shortly after tells Hammill to leave the pitch and allows Hutchinson to stay on without brandishing the red card anywhere near Hammill.

If he changed his mind then why did he do this? Because Wednesday are big team playing at home to little old Barnsley?

Nothing makes sense in regards to the referees conduct and there needs to be an explanation from someone because what we witnessed last night was a complete joke.

It led to what happened afterwards as Wednesday staff ended up in the Barnsley technical area and Paul Heckingbottom and Wednesday assistant Lee Bullen were sent to the stands.

No complaints from anyone at the club or the fans regarding the result but the referee in this one was a complete joke. Surely the FA or football league will be wanting him to clarify his actions on the incident.