Date: 10th June 2014 at 11:41am
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So Barnsley are finally back in League One and many fans are looking for someone to blame but for me the fingers are being pointed in all the wrong directions.

Who is to blame? Wilson? Flitcroft? Hill? The Players?

None of the above for me. I place some blame on the way the club has been run and poor business decisions that have been made but ultimately with the finances that many other clubs have we were punching above our weight by trying to compete in the Championship.

Many of those above have all played their part of course they have but ultimately they were all on a hiding to nothing.

Many fans have criticised a lack of effort from the players. They were certainly unable to create what they had in the great escape season but in general I saw no lack of effort but a lack of quality for the level that they were playing in.

Many fans also think that Wilson had enough time to keep us up. True, he did but again if the players aren`t good enough then what can he really do?

As for Hillcroft, well they were brought in with the remit of bringing in players from the lower leagues who can keep the club in the Championship. For the most part they did this and again if you can only bring players in from lower leagues then the task will be a hard one so the blame lies with the policy of the club and not the managers.

I also think that it is time for Barnsley fans to move on from Hillcroft and stop bringing everything back to them. They are our old managers who have now moved on, and successfully might I add, we need to worry about our current team and manager and move forward.