Date: 25th March 2014 at 12:42pm
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Barnsley`s hopes of Championship survival look more remote as each game passes. A quick glance at the table and an outsider would see that we are still in with a great shout of staying up. However if you had not seen the table and just listened to most reds fans then you would certainly think we were ten points adrift at the foot of the table.

The fact is that we are lucky that there are other teams who are almost as poor as us. It gives us a fighting chance and a couple of wins could change everything.

Unfortunately most of us can`t see where we are going to pick up the points, score the goals or keep the clean sheets to keep us in the mix for much longer.

At home to Bournemouth is a match where three points are almost essential at this stage of the season when you are in the bottom three.

I think Bournemouth probably deserved to leave Oakwell with something on Saturday but Barnsley could have had the game dead and buried if Woods and Pedersen had scored the sitters that they had.

Having said that, Steele was certainly the busier of the two keepers and received the man of the match award for his efforts. However, Woods and Pedersen didn`t even test their keeper when it was almost impossible to miss the target.

Many fans have now had enough and accepted our fate. In a way you can`t blame them as they pay hard earned money for what seems like not very little in return. I do however feel that the way a lot of supporters are venting their anger will have a negative impact on the team and only speed up the inevitable. For me now is the time to get behind the players and any vocal frustrations should be shown towards the club and players if and when we are relegated.

Nothing upsets a football fan more than when they believe players aren`t giving 100 per cent and many fans feel that this is the case at the moment.

Despite the team seemingly lacking the same fight of last season, I am pretty convinced that the majority of the players are putting the effort in but we are simply just not good enough to compete and confidence is at an all-time low amongst many of the playing squad.

Losing week after week will do that to you as will not having the full backing of your own fans which in all honesty most of our players don`t have and they know it.

Maybe some of the players aren`t giving everything they have because of it.

I am a Barnsley fan and if I had been privileged to be good enough to pull on that red shirt then I would run my blood to water for the cause. As a paid professional I believe all players should do the same no matter who they play for.

We all know not all footballers do and we all know they can get away with it. In this case I can see why some wouldn`t want to put the effort in for this set of fans.

We all love our club but we have a poor way of showing it. Barnsley fans must be the most unsupportive set of fans in the country.

And I am not talking about the atmosphere we create even though in general that has been poor for about ten years now.

Barnsley fans seem to love having a go at players, abusing them at every opportunity, targeting individuals for special abuse, cheering players off the pitch when they`ve had a bad game, booing players coming on as a sub because they think it`s the wrong decision.

I don`t know any other club like it and the negative impact it will have on the players is helping us towards the drop.

I`m fully aware that the majority of fans have had enough now but these are the players we need to get us out of trouble and they need our support whether you think they are worthy of it or not.