Date: 10th November 2008 at 4:17pm
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Barnsley striker Iain Hume has suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding after a challenge by Chris Morgan during Saturday’s clash with Sheff Utd.

In the full-blooded affair, after two players were sent off by Andy D’Urso, the referee only showed Morgan a yellow card for leading with his elbows and hammering into the side of Iain Hume during an aerial challenge.

Although I’m sure Chris Morgan will be horrified to hear the news about Hume, when Iain was down injured, chants of ”cheat” from the Sheff Utd fans in the West Stand were hurled towards the Canadian international.

Hume has been in intensive care over the weekend.

Manager Simon Davey told of his disgust with the lack of protection Hume was given by referee Andy D’Urso:

From the club’s official website:

‘It’s beggars belief that you send a manager to the stand when referee’s assistants make decisions 70 yards down the pitch; yet a challenge like this seen from 15 yards away, which ends with Iain suffering a fractured skull, goes virtually unpunished.’


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  • what a plank who put up this thread!! we all hope hume makes a full recovery and we wouldnt want it any other way. football is football and at the time it didnt look nothing. not 1 blade would wish harm to any player so i take this thread personally attacking!!

  • well Goodwin, bladeforlife is right (despite the double negative). Football’s football, and when an opposing team’s player’s down you call for them to get up. If the seriousness was known there’s no way they’d have shouted cheat!

  • morgs is no angel we all know that, but no way would he go out to cause harm to a player like this. there was No intention and any comment that states different is totally unfair to the player and club. these things happen

  • isnt it strange there’s no Barnsley comments on this……..

    …anyway speedy recovery to the lad….

  • I just think in the moment fans will always think a player who throws himself, which Hume has done in the past!, in the moment that is. You can always tell when there is a more serious injury when treatment takes a while and 99.9% of the time BOTH sets of fans clap the injured player off. Speedy but more importantly full recovery to the lad.

  • it looks like hume is going to make a full recovery. thank god its horrible to see a player go down like that. I’m sure morgan will get dealt with behind closed doors at BDWTL if blackwell feels there was any intent in the elbow.

  • The article speaks for itself and doesn’t need backing up.You have to expect things to be a bit raw, everyone is passionate about their own teams Morgan was out of order and needs to be dealt with. There is no doubt it was intentional but it’s unfair to say he meant to do Hume so much harm. Luckily Hume looks to be improving well ,but there is no question it could have killed him. I’m sure Morgan is regretful but he should never have stuck the elbow in. As for the blades fans chanting ‘cheat’, I think most fans would have done the same before realising the extent of the injury. Despite what has happened, none of us would be without our local derbies!!

  • another one who needs to hang his head in shame is Neil Warnock for actually defending the elbow. “he’s run into him” was his assessment of the incident…what? He simply wanted to win over the fans of his old club live on TV. At the cost of defending violent conduct on the football field?? Desperate…

  • One of the worst comments throughout the whole affair was Blackwell on Calendar – He said ‘These things happen in football’ and ‘Its just unfortunate that Iain was injured in the incident’. It’s Blackwell that’s a tool. As for Warnock, he just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, it’s not long since he described Barnsley folk as the ‘Muck and the nettles of the town’.

  • good to see yorkie commenting well unlike matty g. lets be fair matty you are a pain in the ass as you just comment on issues may times on our site just for the crack and a wind up, so your idiot comments are expected. For the record this does happen in football and blackwell is right. untill video evidence is brought in like it is in tennis and rugby these sort of things will keep occuring along with terrible and match changing decisions. this is todays football yorkie as bad as it sounds. TAKE A LOOK AT THE HUNT KNEE ON PETER CECH!!

  • davy has caused this to be a war. apparantly morgan has been in touch with hume and visited him and his wife in hospital. morgan according to reports has said it was the hardest thing he has ever had to do and became emotional as he too is a family man. there are no hard feelings between the 2 players. just davy and the dingle board wanting some more media attention by the sounds of it!!

  • I think its more the fact that we paid 1.2m for Hume and his wages wont be easy to come by, you have to admit bfl1889 that it could hit us financially aswell as mentally losing Hume for such a long time. That is probably one of the reasons behind the board taking it further, especially if we have to bring someone else in.

  • I see Graham Poll has joined in now – slamming Durso for his decision. And i’m pleased to see him have a dig at Warnock too!
    Mind you, how many cards would Poll have shown?!

  • poll is worse than durso so he carnt comment on anything. look at us with the west sham saga that has hit us massively and the laws of the game were changed and misguided throughout. just because he cost you 1.2m doesnt change anything. you guys need to move on now

  • It means everything, we’ve now lost him for at least 6 months because of your player, we’re paying a player who cant play! Even speed admitted it was intended.
    I think you can call a 2-1 win over watford moving on

  • speed didnt say anything of the sort mate, where the hell have you plucked that one from? jesus come as if!! like i said thats football and these things do happen. he isnt the first and he deffinately wont be the last. players do get injured its the nature of the game, its just gutting when the severity is that of what hume suffered. no way was it in intent. granted it looks bad but so do many challengers and injuries. its the nature of the game. before the hume injury he did have a repertation for diving and going down very very easilly hence the srtong blades following reactions.

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