Date: 13th March 2015 at 4:42pm
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Barnsley fans are buzzing again as the super reds travel to Oldham on the back of five straight victories and five consecutive clean sheets.

There is a feel good factor amongst reds fans at the moment, positivity that I have not witnessed for a number of years, hoping and dreaming without too much expectation, looking forward to the next game rather than dreading it. It`s amazing how much can change in the space of four weeks.

All this is shown with the reds looking set to take around 3,000 fans to Oldham. Manager Lee Johnson is hoping that the fans can create an atmosphere like they are the home team as he returns to his former club in search of a victory that could nudge the reds in to the play-off positions. Tell any Barnsley fan that would be possible four weeks ago and they would have been worried for the sanity of that person.

I am encouraged by what I have seen so far but don`t want to get carried away just yet. Most clubs go through an upturn in fortunes immediately after a manager departs only to fall back in to the depths of despair shortly after.

I don`t think that will happen but you have to be guarded where Barnsley are concerned as most of you will well know.

Lee Johnson and Ben Mansford answered questions from some season ticket holders last night as well as on the radio beforehand.

Johnson comes across really well when speaking and answering questions and I am hoping that this translates in to his football management skills. Results so far would suggest that it does.

I like what he has had to say about the players currently at the club and how he wants the team to play. He quickly put to bed suggestions that he doesn`t pick transfer targets or maybe even the team. Perhaps too much has been made of his title being ‘head coach` rather than ‘manager` but it seems clear to me that he is the man in charge and he is the one who picks the team and has the final say on any potential player recruitment.

As for Mansford, he has always come across well when speaking to the media but our decline since he joined the club made the majority of Barnsley fans dislike him and dismiss him as nothing more than a politician.

Most of these fans have come round to Mansford now. I think the Q&A in the Old Number Seven and again what they did last night will have helped.

I think fans can now see that there is a definite long term plan for the club in terms of getting back to the Championship as well as the type of player the club wants to recruit and develop.

Once most fans began to use their heads instead of listening to their hearts they also realised that the right decision was made when sacking Danny Wilson and when listening to Mansford you do believe that all involved with that decision were sorry that it hadn`t worked out for Danny this time around.

This appointment however has to be the right one and I think it will be. So far so good anyway but if we did suffer a couple of defeats on the bounce then I would urge all fans to stick with it and show the same type of support that we will see at Oldham tomorrow.

Momentum and confidence in football is a remarkable thing so could we be the ones to gate crash the paly-off party this season? A day out at Wembley and Championship football again in August sounds nice to me but it is not something I am expecting at the end of this season.

Another three points tomorrow and I might start to believe and three points tomorrow is a distinct possibility. We have Johnson`s knowledge of every player at Oldham, the momentum we have and confidence every player in our team will be feeling. Not to mention 3,000 fans behind the lads from the very first whistle to the very last. Oldham will be up for it as well as their former manager returns but I see no reason why we couldn`t come away with another three points.