Date: 2nd December 2013 at 5:48pm
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Danny Wilson would be my choice as the next Barnsley manager and he is one man that realistically could take the job.

It could ruin his legend status at the club but I think he would be a good choice.

He has had relative success at all of his clubs other than Sheffield Wednesday and MK Dons and has been relieved of his duties prematurely in all of his other positions such is modern football.

He plays football that is easy on the eye which is always appealing to the fans and potentially could get a few extra bums on the seats.

The chances are that whoever takes over won`t keep us in the Championship, which is a fact that we can`t deny.

So if we did end up in League One then Wilson has the perfect pedigree.

He has spent most of his managerial career in that league and challenged towards the top end of the table with almost every club he has been with.

A worry for Barnsley would be that the club could free-fall through the divisions if they were to go down. Under Wilson I would be confident that this would not happen and we would be competing at the top of end of league one.

Many would argue that despite challenging at the top of the league that his promotion record was poor but I choose to look at it another way.

Some of the clubs he managed like Swindon and Hartlepool had little to no funds. He got Hartlepool promoted from League Two and in to the top half of League One.

He took Swindon to the play-offs and the following season his best players were sold and he couldn`t repeat it and was sacked. At both these clubs after Wilson left the clubs declined.

At Sheffield United I believe he would have got promoted if it had not been for the Ched Evans saga. And I believe that Sheffield United was only club that he should have been challenging with and that he massively overachieved with the others.

He was sacked from Sheffield United with the club sitting in a play-off spot and just look at what has happened since he left.

So I don`t really know how anyone can really doubt his credentials to be a success in League One should the worst happen.

Bring back King Danny only he can save us now.