Date: 6th November 2013 at 1:01pm
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Regular contributors to this site will remember a member who used to post called Tony Tyke. It is fair to say Tony was a glass half empty kind of guy.

It has been a while since Tony has put his opinion forward on this site but in the last few days he has sent me a personal email offering his opinion regarding my support for the team and the manager and believes I should be more outspoken and critical and demand change.

I am the type of fan that will back the team and manager all the way and feel that most fans like Tony turn on their team and manager too easy these days.

I explained my view to Tony and he agreed that was fair enough but felt that the site needed both points of view. I took this on board and invited Tony to apply to write for the site which he did by submitting a match report to the powers that be.

His report was of a good standard and he has now been appointed co-editor of the site with myself.

He has committed to doing one to two articles per week an believes the good cop, bad cop routine will result in fans with both viewpoints expressing their opinions more.

The response to Tony`s first few articles will determine if he continues or not but he does ask that regulars don`t automatically dismiss his opinions because he is negative and read through his reasoning`s behind it.