Date: 14th April 2015 at 6:49pm
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It’s not too often that a manager complains of having ‘too many players’ is it, but Lee Johnson feels that most clubs in the lower league have a turnover of players that makes it difficult to get a good team bond and spirit among it.

Reading between the lines, whilst Johnson will want a ‘competitive squad’ next season he’ll certainly be looking to cut down the numbers that are in it at Oakwell to give us a better chance of getting a good ‘team spirit’ going, which can play a big part in success or failure.

Johnson, who had plenty to say about when speaking to the BBC, began by talking about ‘social skills’ and how people in general, not just footballers, lack this ability in the modern era.

This quality is something that he looks for in a player as it’s not all about, granted mostly, technical ability….

Going back to the team spirit thoughts though, having used 42 players this season – far too high a number in one season! – he feels that this turnover of players, again not limited to us alone as it’s commonplace in the lower leagues, makes it hard to get a proper bond among the squad.

‘You can work on the team spirit and the atmosphere if you make sure you don’t use 42 players, like we have this year.

‘Generally in the lower leagues there is a high turnover of players because clubs are going year-to-year and that makes it difficult to have a real team spirit.

‘You need to have an atmosphere where people can have an argument and then go out for a drink not never talk to each other again.’

A close knit group of around 20-25 players should be enough to get a good bond and togetherness growing, which also leaves room for cover. That amount also means that you’ll have fewer ‘unhappy players’ too!

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