Date: 10th June 2014 at 11:38am
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The fact that Bobby Hassell is a Barnsley legend is not up for debate here. Whether the club has made the right decision to let him go is the debate I wish to have.

Reds fans are split on whether or not Wilson has made the right call so what is your view?

My research in to Hassell`s career at Oakwell made me realise that my memories and certainly the memories of other fans have been slightly distorted.

Again for me Bobby Hassell is and always will be a Barnsley legend but my memory of his time with the reds is now a little bit more real than those rose tinted glasses we have all been looking through.

Liam Lawrence spoke out saying that Bobby Hassell could play in League One using only his left foot. I still think Bobby Hassell could do a job at that level but the last time he was there he was good without ever being spectacular and back then he was much younger.

The legs have certainly gone and the only place he could now play is in front of the back four. To do this you would have to shape your midfield to accommodate him which is far from ideal.

Also this was never his best position. He was always far more comfortable at right back or even centre back. In fact most of us have forgotten how much we used to moan when Simon Davey was playing him there on a regular basis.

Something else most of us have forgotten is that since we returned to the Championship not one of our managers have wanted to select Bobby on a regular basis.

Under Davey, Hassell was a back four back-up for a long time as Foster was regularly selected at right back with Nyatanga and Souza the preferred centre back pairing and Kozluk or even Werling or Van Hoemett at left back.

Robins also did his best not to pick Hassell by bringing in Trippier to play at right back and we all know he was never seen as first choice under Hill, Flitcroft or Wilson.

Hassell still played a lot of games in this period so was it a case of managers wanting to bring in their own players but realising their mistakes and going back to Bobby? Or was it that injuries to first choice players and his versatility meant that there was often a spot for him in the team?

Many fans ripped Wilson to shreds on forums for releasing Hassell and some claimed that Hassell was a bigger club legend than Wilson was.

I have nothing but respect for Bobby and the ten years he has given us but a bigger legend than the man who took us to the Premier League? I don`t think so.

I for one think that Wilson has got it right but only time will tell. By that I don`t mean with our own league position but with where Hassell ends up and how he performs there.

I don`t want this to seem like I am having a go at Hassell as I love him as much as any Barnsley fan but I do think the time is right for him to move on and if we do all remember correctly he has had to fight the hard way to represent Barnsley Football Club as many times as he has over the last ten years.