Date: 27th September 2013 at 1:55pm
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I know Luke Steele is injured this weekend and bringing in a keeper was a must but I must question what bringing in Jack Butland will achieve long term.

He is obviously a class goalkeeper and an England international as well. He is hungry for first team football and willing to come to Barnsley which is great. But basically he will be at Oakwell for three months and that will be it, so my question is what effect this will have on Luke Steele and then the team in general?

Barring any major blunders then Butland will start every game that he is here for, that is why he has come.

Signing another keeper was a must but in my opinion it should have been someone to challenge Steele for the number one spot and not to automatically take that spot away from the goalkeeper we own.

The reason for this is that Steele`s confidence could take a serious knock and in affect a very good goalkeeper could be ruined. I don`t buy in to the statement that Steele was happy to be dropped when Pollitt came in and I do feel he has been made a scapegoat for the amount of goals we have conceded.

Steele had a nightmare at Blackburn but can he really be blamed for any of the goals in other games? Pollitt looked good in his first game for the club but you could say he could have done better with the first two goals at Forest.

Good keepers have bad games, just look at the run Joe Hart went on. His club and country stuck by him and I believe that is what you should do when a good keeper has a bad run and I believe Steele is a good keeper.

Having said all of that Butland is here now and he will be playing so hopefully he is as good as the hype and he has my full support.

Another man with my full support is David Flitcroft although I do believe this goalkeeper situation could have been handled better. He said that he felt Steele may have felt complacent knowing he was guaranteed number one when Alnwick was here and I agree the that the keeper on the bench should be able to challenge for the number one spot. I do however think the role has now been reversed and Steele has no chance of playing which is surely even worse than the situation was before.

I`m sure that Butland will do a good job and I hope Steele can come back confident and back to his best. The job in hand then will be to sign a keeper permanently so that whoever that may be and Steele can compete for the number one spot. The goalkeeper position needs to be dealt with delicately and I hope it all works out in the long term not just for the next 93 days.