Date: 9th February 2018 at 3:43pm
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Andy Yiadom has taken a trip down memory lane to the last time Barnsley faced Sheffield Wednesday and whilst most people get a t-shirt, he got a dislocated shoulder.

Meeting with the media this morning to hold his own pre game press conference, the skipper for the Queens Park Rangers match told the Official Site that it was down to all the players to be leaders across the run of fixtures we now have, especially in light of all the changes that have taken place at the club this last week.

Opening with his memories of last year’s South Yorkshire derby, he explained.

‘I remember every bit of it. We got off to a good start in the first half then from a corner kick, I can`t remember who did it but someone basically yanked my arm and dislocated it. I had to go off to get it put back in, I came back on then went off to get it put back in again and then in the second half they obviously knew I had a dislocated shoulder and they pulled it out again, so I had to call it a day then. It was a sad one, but you know what we did get a good result after being 1-0 down in the last minute, I think it was Angus MacDonald who scored which made it one to remember.’

The 26 year old went on to say that nobody was in any doubt about the importance of the tie when it came to the three points, and nor were they unaware of the bragging rights issue for fans and he feels after the clash last year, and his own efforts to stay on the pitch, is a testament to that.

‘I was in all kinds of agony! It was a derby full of adrenaline, the fans were loud and it was one of those tense games so you just kind of get through it in a way, but the adrenaline was definitely high. I think it put me out for two-and-a-half months but you don`t think about that sort of stuff when it`s a derby, you just get strapped up and crack on! As I mentioned, it was a derby game so anyone would just want to get back onto the pitch at that time and give it your all. Even Sedge (Craig Sedgwick, Head of Physiotherapy) was trying to keep me off but it`s the type of person I am, I wanted to get back out there and play.’

With plenty of changes in both squads compared to last season, the game will different in many ways and so similar in others and both sides have had a bad time of things in the league, so for Yiadom sticking together was key to us getting the result we wanted.

‘Maybe both teams have had a dip in form but both teams want to go out and get a result. I know for a fact that us as a team want to get out there and put a show on for the fans to get three points, that`s what we`re aiming to do.’

He added.

‘This is a big game and we will need 11 leaders, so whoever is on the pitch out there need to get the team through when things aren`t going well and spur everyone on, I think that`s all that matters. Everyone needs to stay together and keep giving it a right go. We have to put everything into it and get some points now. I think the Fulham game everyone went out there with a really high tempo, closing them down and in their faces. We got off to a really good start, I was then really disappointed because I think we should have got something from the game but it wasn`t the case. Our performance was good that day, but we didn`t get a point which is a shame but it`s how football goes sometimes.’