Date: 24th February 2013 at 7:01pm
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David Flitcroft has given this interview to Barnsley Player.

How do you react to Today?
Its no good putting up a fight at the end you have got to put that up at the start. It was a really open game, I thought they may have just sat in an soaked us. But they didn’t it was too end to end in the first 20, we could have had 3 and they could have had 2, it was chaos. The set pieces did not happen today and people did not do their jobs in terms of being responsible. But we kept fighting to the end which is key, I thought if we got 2 today we would not lose. Scoring 3 and still getting beat shows you the responsibility the lads have not done today.

Is that the most frustration thing, all 5 goals they scored were avoidable
Absolutely. Steely has pulled off one worldy, that about it. We looked vulnerable every time it came in from a set piece. We will get back on the training ground and rectify it. If we were not creating chances I would worry. Its how we reset, refocus and move on now.

You clearly felt you had to change in first half taking Steve Off and bringing Chris On? What was the main issue ?
Losing Goldy has made us inflexible, when we had Goldy he could play all down the left, The team did not look right or look comfy. I did not want Fozzy getting booked, Stead and Davies were dominating and I went 4-4-2. I will change it if it needs changing.

The test now is how we deal with it, which you have spoke about?
Yes how we deal with it, the club, the players and the fans. Set backs in life grow the character from within and this is a set back today. In an adverse way getting beating convincingly is better than getting beat 1-0 and you think everything is alright. I wanna remain positive and the we will support the players with love and encouragement, they have had a bad day today.

You have been looking for players with Goldbournes injury have you had much fortune?
Not really much fortune, a lot of leads probably 15 enquiries have unearthed nothing just yet. We will keep working and forcing the issue, its a key position to us and we will be pressing again early next week.