Date: 23rd February 2017 at 12:40pm
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With reports back in October suggesting that Premier League viewing figures were down, here are the figures for the Championship selections by the television companies so far this campaign.

The claim for the Premier League itself was a drop by a fifth compared to the same point last year, but the Championship can boast increased and higher than ever figures given the clubs who ply their trade this year in the second tier of the English game.

A list of the 13 most watching EFL fixtures has now been compiled and it really does make for that surprising reading when you look at the clubs that feature, and their applicable fanbases.

The highest figure for the year so far was the tie between Leeds United and Newcastle United at Elland Road with 826,000 said to have tuned in and whilst there’s obviously a drop to the side listed in last place in this set of 13, that game, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers at Villa Park still saw an audience of 372,000 and it is largely the same sides that appear.

So from top to bottom:

1 – Leeds v Newcastle 826,000
2 – Newcastle v Sheffield Wednesday 598,000
3 – Blackburn v Newcastle 584,000
4 – Fulham v Newcastle 531,000
5 – Villa v Newcastle 524,000
6 – Forest v Newcastle 444,000
7 – Barnsley v Leeds 443,000
8 – Newcastle v Villa 427,000
9 – Wolves v Newcastle 405,000
10 – Newcastle v QPR 392,000
11 – Wolves v Derby 379,000
12 – Leeds v Villa 377,000
13 – Villa v Wolves 372,000

With the facility fee paid by the television companies to clubs that are selected for screening – some are doing very well out of that so far this year.

List published by the Birmingham Mail.